Bill the Baffleplate Man


This is our Coonara 2400 Baffleplate Upgrade kit  installed by one of our customers.  The Coonara 2400 was made from 1982 to 1985.  This upgrade was installed in 2017.  The Upgrade significantly increased the heating efficiency of the original design at a minimal cost.  My own 2400 was installed in 1983 and now works better than when it was new;  35 years old and like Johnny Walker, still going strong.

In 2012 Coonara told me they no longer made baffleplates for my  Coonara 2400 heater. I had an idea to improve the baffleplate, so I tried it out and it worked.  I made some and started selling them.  Later I designed the upgrade kit pictured above.

Further details of our baffleplates are on baffleplates.com

Regularly people asked us to make a baffleplate for their woodheater, so now we make and stock baffleplates for more than 40 woodheaters.  We try to make our baffleplates better than the baffleplates sold by the manufacturers.  In our early days our baffleplates looked very similar to the manufacturers plates but were made of stainless steel;  now that we have more experience we add our own design improvements to the baffleplates we make.

Among the heaters we make baffleplates for are Arrow, Austwood, Coonara, Eureka, Heatcharm, Kent, Majestic, Maxiheat,  Masport, Morso, Nectre, Norseman, Ultimate, Woodland and Yanka.

We have now added a low-warp steel alloy range to our offering.  Besides being extra warp-resistant our new range is easier to weld.  Typically the low-warp product costs $20 more than the equivalent stainless product.  Our manufacturing is based on continuous improvement.

Besides manufacturing baffleplates, we also repair and rebuild heaters and are happy to help anyone with their heater problems. You can contact us directly on 0425-705-888 or click “Contact” above to email us.

We also supply Firebrick casting material so people can make their own odd-sized firebricks.  Make a mold the size you want; add 10% water to the casting mix; pour it into the mould and tamp it down to remove air bubbles.  Allow it to set for a few days and you have a firebrick the size you want.  Apparently BHP use this material in their blast furnaces and it is good to 1400C.  I am sure they get a better price than I do.

We started building this website on 3rd June 2018 as we had not received any enquiries from Ebay for a week, so we assume we have upset Ebay.  Our last enquiry may have been from an “agent provocateur”;  we might add the conversation to our site.

People who bought our products on Ebay  have commented that they are well made.  Some of our Ebay feedback appears on our feedback page.  We aim to make the best woodheater baffleplates in Australia.